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100% Chicken Breast
100% Chicken Breast
100% Chicken Breast

Entirely lean protein, these chicken breast treats are low in calories and high in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

1/4 LB of dehydrated treats = 1 LB of premium, raw, muscle meat!

Nutritional Info:

  • Crude Protein — 75.05%

  • Crude Fat — 2.40%

  • Crude Moisture - 7.00%
  • Crude Fiber — 0.20%

* This is a single-ingredient product that was dried low n' slow and includes zero additional preservatives. Store in cool, dry environment away from direct heat or sunlight. 

    100% Chicken Breast


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    Helene M.
    United States United States

    Pups favorite

    First tried this in FL at a farmers market. Tried all three but the chicken is her fav. I had to wait a while since it was out of stock when I tried to order. With all the junk put in treats today these are my go to.

    Zev B.
    United States United States

    Great Product!

    My dog loves the chicken and the cow hoof.

    Sandra S.
    United States United States

    Lost quality over the years

    When I first ordered these treats, they were a easy consistency to break when they came in circular form. The bags were much bigger and the treats were filled to the brim. Since then, the bags have gotten smaller, the quality of the chicken comes in strips and are very hard to break up with your hands and the price has gone up. I understand with the prices -everything has gone up nowadays I would be ok having to pay more but now I’m getting a smaller bag and even less product in each bag? The last batch of 5 bags that I ordered seem to have made both of my dogs sick. I really want to support a small business like this but I feel the quality of the product has gone downhill. I have stopped ordering for now and hope that the quality goes back to the original consistency.

    Joseph C.
    United States United States

    Bella loves all of her Treats!!!

    Bella loves all of her Treats!!!

    A Treat & Repeat Customer
    Christina T.
    United States United States

    Makes a great treat

    My dog loves the chicken breast. It was thicker than usual. And that made breaking it in pieces more difficult.

    Kevin D.
    United States United States

    Chicken treats

    We get Treat and Repeat Every Month !!! You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. Glad we found you !!!!

    A Treat & Repeat Customer
    Christina T.
    United States United States

    My dog's favorite!

    My two year old Frenchton, Leeloo, absolutely loves the chicken breast crumbled over her breakfast. She is super picky, so I am glad Treat & Repeat has something healthy she eats right up!

    MARY K.
    United States United States


    Dogs like them but I don’t want them monthly. Kindly adjust your records. Thanks.

    Jes M.
    United States United States

    Amazing products!!! Amazing customer service!!!!!!

    A Treat & Repeat Customer
    Christina T.
    United States United States

    Yum yum so good!

    My dog LOVES these as toppers on her food, and for yummy snacks!

    Kevin D.
    United States United States

    Great Treats !!

    U guys Our amazing I’m very happy I found you and so is my dog. Please keep sending those great treats thanks

    Kathy C.
    United States United States

    Top quality and pet approved

    My food specific dog will only ask for Treat and Repeat for his treats. I am glad I can make him happy with such a great product.

    United States United States

    Crispy deliciousness

    My dog loves all the treats from Treat Repeat. I love the fact that they are single ingredient extremely affordable and easy to break into smaller pieces. Excellent company and outstanding customer service if you ever need help.

    Brooke R.
    United States United States

    The best

    My pups go wild for these treats!

    Kristi &.
    United States United States

    James hits all 5 stats yet again!

    I tell ya, we (my 80 lb plus, pure muscle, Olde English Bulldogge lover boy Gizmo {who is ALL... 100% puppy mentally- at nearly 4yrs old! lol} & I) have been a T&R customers since the beginning. Now Gizmo is one spoiled big boy who 99% of the time, gets what he wants, when he wants but coming with the territory of being spoiled, he can also be a Mr. Picky Pants!!! We fed him Fromm high quality dry food until he boycotted that and then for the past 2.5 years, fresh NomNomNow. (Just take a wild guess what he started doing, yet AGAIN, about a year into eating NNN?- Yep, BOYCOTT!) (Dogs are the best but man, they can be more stubborn than a human!) The whole point of that little story is to say, that somehow, SOMEWAY, during Gizmo's epic 1st boycott, a gift from above appeared out of nowhere on my screen... a green and white page that immediately stood out. When I read about James (T&R Founder & Owner) EPIC Meal Mixer, I immediately figured that James must also be a fortune teller for a living!!! He described everything that I go through with Gizmo, to a tee! I was at my wits end, so I thought, why not. The anticipation of getting the T&R for the 1st time nearly killed me, as everytime Gizmo chose to leave his tummy empty, my heart would re-break again. To put it bluntly, the first time I added the Chicken Meal Mixer to Gizmo's Fromm, I questioned if James had some sort of 'illegal secret ingredient' in this "1 ingredient mix" ;-) Needless to say Meal Mixer was our savior until we switched to fresh food for Gizmo, that is when these 1 ingredient "treats" took over as the life savor. So much so, that the 2 times a year I leave to go see family, poor Gizmo won't eat for 3 or 4 days until my partner gives in and takes the time to break up one of the flavored "treats" & mix it in his food. Long, but that is our Treat & Repeat Story!

    Kevin D.
    United States United States

    Dog treats

    Good morning !!! I’ve been A customer for a year and a half. You guys are awesome cookies are amazing and always delivered on time. Thank you so very much K